– the best place to discover generations of your family’s stories

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With access to over 20 billion historical records, is the best place to discover generations of your family’s stories.

While some of us might have a good idea of our recent family history, there are plenty of amazing surprises and details to be discovered with a complete family tree. With their vast trove of resources and documents, makes it easier than ever to create yours, piece by piece.

To get started, you simply need to fill out what you know so far – don’t worry if that’s not much! Once Ancestry has found something new in their archives, they’ll show you the latest information, and you can add anything relevant and exciting to your growing family tree. The best part is that the more your tree grows, the more details you can discover, especially with adding more than 2 million records to their databases every single day.

However, building your family tree is just the beginning. With AncestryDNA, you can trace your heritage back with incredible detail and estimate your family’s origins to over a thousand regions across the globe. Their state-of-the-art DNA testing service uses advanced technology to analyze more than 700, 000 genetic markers and provide information that would never have been accessible until now.

Once you’ve uncovered more fascinating facts about your background, you can even begin to connect with relatives you never knew existed. By utilizing AncestryDNAs extensive worldwide network of members, it’s possible to find genetic matches and reach out to long-lost relatives. From there, you can share even more family history and grow your family tree even more. With over 18 million people subscribed to AncestryDNA and 100 million family trees in their records, the answers to your family’s mysteries are closer than ever before.’s cutting edge DNA testing service doesn’t just give you the chance to explore your past, but it gives you the opportunity to protect your future. With AncestryHealth, you turn your results into a detailed health report based on your genetics as well as trace the medical histories of your ancestors. By discovering inherent risk-factors, AncestryHealth empowers members to take control of their health and mitigate health risks before they become a real problem. Once you’ve got your results, AncestryHealth even provides guidance on how to act on them, whether that’s contacting a reputable healthcare provider, arranging specialist screenings, or arranging a meeting with a genetic counselor.

If’s reputation and proven track record don’t have you convinced already, their deals certainly will. In the Coupons section of their website, you can always find a way to save money on their premium services. Right now, you can try entirely free for 14 days to get started on your budding family tree, and AARP members can take advantage of up to 30% off a full membership! If you can’t find the perfect offer right away, make sure you check back later on as new discounts, deals, and coupons are added very frequently.

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