How and Why to Backup your PC

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If you’ve ever had the experience of losing data from your computer you’ll appreciate the importance of PC backup. If you have yet to face the horror of disappearing material now is the time to take preventative measures.

The sad fact is that all hard drives crash at some point, laptops get stolen frequently, computers often “lose” their documents, music or photos- and with a little planning you don’t need to experience this.

In the computer field “backup” refers to the copying or archiving of data to be stored and accessed at will. The purpose of backup is to recover deleted or corrupted data which has been lost from the primary source; store large quantities of data which may be too much for your pc and to provide you easy access to data which you would otherwise have to search for on your pc. Think of PC backup as an insurance policy, it protects your data and becomes part of your personal disaster recovery plan.

There are numerous methods of PC backup, they include various data storage medium. There are disk-based storage systems, magnetic tape using digital recording, optical storage like CDs and Blu-ray, USB flash drives, remote backup services using a third party service provider and online backup using the cloud. Ideally you need PC backup which is secure, cost effective and accessible.

Of all the backup methods online backup (remote backup or cloud backup) is particularly effective. Methods like myPCBackup can offer you 100% automatic backup, provide unlimited space and also sync multiple computers. Using a small desktop app your data is backed up to the cloud. Having selected the files you wish to store the app continues to backup your data automatically whenever changes are made. You can schedule regular backups and define which files you want to be updated. Because of the frequent and ongoing backups the chance of data loss is non-existent compared to other backup methods. In this way you don’t need to manually re-save or re-backup material every time you make changes. Hence the term “online” backup, as the backup is being done on an ongoing basis and is always connected to your storage facility.

Human intervention is not required after the initial connection and set up. Because online backup like myPCbackup is not located in one physical media, and it is not vulnerable to hardware failure, natural disasters, theft or physical damage. A single point of failure cannot bring down the backup. You would think this would be the most expensive method of backing up your PC but in fact the cost is minimal.

Don’t take the risk of losing your documents, files, photos, music or media from your PC. The statistics are against you, loss of data is a real threat to your PC. Take preventative action and arm yourself with PC backup, preferably online backup like myPCbackup.


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