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We’ve got a lot of options when it comes to sprucing up your home. Whether it be home décor products, furniture, bed and bath, kitchen, outdoor, storage, lighting, renovation, the list goes on. Sometimes it can feel like too much given that we live in a time where we have unlimited access to information. We’ve got the world at our fingertips. Through our devices, we can order with the click of a button or swipe of the finger. But, how do we know that we’re making the right decisions when it comes to home improvements? Where can we get the best deals while at the same time knowing that our place will look the way we want it to? We’ll aim to cover four brands that each have their own unique set of offers and clear the noise a bit.
Coupons are amazing. Simply put, they’re like rewards, and who doesn’t like discovering a good deal? It makes you feel good, and these top brands aim to offer you the best deals out there on your next home-related purchase. How do they stack up compared to each other? Let’s take a look.


Overstock is typically cheaper than the competition due to…well, the over-stocking of products. If a distributor purchases in bulk, the price is much lower, therefore, they can produce at a lower cost, and a discount is applied when reselling the items. What’s even better is applying coupons and promo codes to the already discounted items at Overstock.
On the Overstock website, there is currently coupon offers that are applied at checkout. These deals include 10% off new customer orders, $20 off a $300 order, $50 off a $600 order, clearance sales that can be accessed, as well as flash deals where every day starting at noon E.T. there are new deals.
With Overstock all their coupons include a promo code that can be used at checkout. Unfortunately, promo codes and coupons do not stack, and you cannot redeem more than one coupon or discount code on a single purchase. However, some coupons and promo codes can be combined with existing product discounts for additional savings.
For Cyberweek, some great deals are being offered online. Get over 70% off on over 1,000 items. If you’re in the market for new furniture, rugs by Safavieh, and select home décor, get an extra 20% off. Bedding and bath get up to 65% off, and mattresses get an additional 15% off.



Houzz is a great place to browse and save home photos for inspiration. It’s also a site that offers tools, resources, and vendors for home renovation and design. Houzz provides coupon and promo codes to get even more off your purchases like $5 off $50+ purchases for new customers.
Also, with promo code, MYHOME35 shoppers can get $35 off orders of $350+. Use code PROMO40 for $40 off orders of $400+, PROMO65 for $65 off orders of $650+, PROMO100 for $100 off $1000+. If you’re a House Trade partner but haven’t made a purchase on Houzz yet, using codes TRADE120 and TRADE60 can get you $120 and $60 off, respectively.
Houzz also offers the Houzz Credit Card which gives customers $50 in House Reward Dollars and 5% back in Houzz Reward Dollars.



Amazon takes the cake. It simply outcompetes and offers more products with top discounts and promo codes to save you money. Use promo code 10BACK and get $10 back on your first prime pantry order of $50+. Amazon also offers 6% cashback on home, garden, kitchen and houseware. The ability to add products to your own wish list is a nice touch on the Amazon website, so shoppers can come back to make purchases if coupons or promo codes apply.
Amazon fulfillment centers and their infrastructure make it hard for other vendors to compete and many have to rely on Amazon to sell their products. Amazon offers lower prices, more deals, quick delivery, and their Amazon Prime membership makes it an easier option for shoppers to sign up and receive discounts on nearly all items.



Wayfair has loyalty programs that offer free shipping and discounted home services for new members, gift cards, credit cards that save you $25 off your first order of $100, and other perks when it comes to shopping with them. When it comes to using coupons and promo codes, you’ll want to check the box that says, “use a gift card/promotion” at checkout.
The best way to receive a Wayfair coupon is straight through Wayfair. The company rarely sends out coupons, but when they do, they’re exclusive and personalized. What’s excellent about Wayfair is that they have exclusive Wayfair Professional Coupons if you’re buying for a business. When you enroll you get $25 off $200, $50 off $500, and $100 off $1000 purchases.


We can’t compare Overstock to Amazon because Amazon has more products, but the promo codes are similar to Houzz and Wayfair, where a 10% off coupon is applied to orders. Houzz is great to gather inspiration and the website is intuitive enough for shoppers to click to save their favorites. Amazon also offers the ability to create a wish list, and with the added Prime membership benefits, it’s hard to beat. Plus, every day there are new deals, whereas Wayfair and Houzz don’t have as many discounts and deals as frequently as Amazon and Overstock. If you’re looking for rewards and loyalty points, then signing up for a credit card through Houzz and Wayfair seems to be a pretty straightforward option with clear benefits. Still, Amazon offers Prime membership which in the long run, if you plan on making many purchases can be even more beneficial and more straightforward by just paying the low monthly fee versus signing up for a credit card.
Amazon is the best choice for reliable shipping, many more promo codes and discounts that update daily. Overstock does all the heavy lifting, and their business model allows shoppers to put their minds at ease knowing they’re getting massive discounts already, plus the added promo codes are a more substantial bonus. Wayfair is excellent for businesses looking to purchase office and bulk furniture. Lastly, Houzz is more niche and a good starting place to gather inspiration. Even though there may not be too many coupons and promo codes with Houzz, you may get ideas to shop for specific items on Amazon, Overstock, or Wayfair.


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