Cloud Storage for Personal Storage Use

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You don’t have to be a business to require a large space to store all your documents, photos and media. Even the average person these days needs a place to keep their files. Cloud storage is the perfect solution.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is not about your hard drive; think of the Cloud as synonymous with the Internet. The Cloud is not a physical thing but rather a network of servers, each with a different function and often in different locations. When data or programs are not stored on your device’s internal hardware, they are stored on the Cloud and accessed via the Internet. The Cloud is economical as there is no need for hardware equipment and cost is only incurred from use. There is no longer any need to download software on to a physical computer instead the Cloud allows people to access the same programs via the Internet and the Cloud. Although the exact capacity of the Cloud is unknown, it is estimated to be in excess of 1 Exabyte. You may imagine that the data would be unsecure, floating about out there in the Cloud, which is shared by billions of users. But the security issue is overcome by automatically encrypting data before it is stored in the Cloud.

Cloud Storage

The advantages of using Cloud storage services like JustCloud for personal use are numerous. There is unlimited storage space. The costs are relatively low, as with JustCloud there is a small monthly fee. The service is professional and suits both personal and commercial use. The process of setting up and storing your data is simple and fast. And of course the main point is that you have all of your data at your finger tips, safely saved and readily available when you want to access it. Some Cloud storage services offer free mobile apps and can sync multiple computers so that you can access your files anywhere and also share them with friends. Users simply have to select which files they want to store, upload them to the Cloud and access them whenever and wherever they choose.

JustCloud is one of the top options for personal Cloud storage. They are part of the Just Develop It! Group and have a solid and reliable reputation. It is a no frills service offering premium products at budget prices. The service is 100% automated, encrypted and secure. It is compatible with all devices. JustCloud offers a free trial period and three package options.

Don’t take the risk of losing your photos, music, videos or documents, get back up today in the safest way possible, in a Cloud!


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